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Vocus.com is a software-centred service that aims to take your press release to a greater audience. Using their professional system you have a great amount of control over who receives your release, how it’s viewed and shared. A particularly interesting feature is the ability to see who has opened your email and then to get in touch with them more directly, meaning that a fairly generic approach can be replaced by a much more personal and focused one. This could potentially be a great technique for targeting marketing, which is likely to bring about a greater visibility and readership. Vocus.com also has a few other tricks up their sleeves including being able to monitor “fans” (people who follow your releases and campaigns, others who are sharing your information) and a smart phone app that means you can check, change and keep up to date on your progress at any time or from any place.

Let’s talk databases. The press database available on this site is large and, due to the fact that this service is somewhat exclusive, (its customer numbers aren’t as high as some of the free press release sites) its contacts aren’t sifting through masses and masses of releases every day. That means that your release stands out more and is likely to receive much more attention. You also gain unlimited access to the database, which includes journalists, bloggers, customers and more and so you are able to focus your approach based on their particular needs.

The press releases on this site are of a very high quality and you can include screen shots of your website, live links, pictures and logos, and files for downloading (including a PDF form of your press release). This makes the release personalised and a good deal of them look professional and inviting. The site is well constructed and has a number of videos to demonstrate the value of its service or how best to use it, which makes the experience a little more interesting than simply reading through vast amounts of text, which is often the case elsewhere. There is no FAQ to speak of but there is plenty of information on the site itself. A “help” search function would have been helpful though as it’s not always that easy to find exactly the information you’re looking for. Prices are a closed secret on the site and seem to be based on your individual needs. From our research we’ve found that prices seem to range from $2000 to $10,000 per annum, which means that Vocus.com isn’t necessarily a site for everyone. Those who will most benefit are likely to have a healthy PR budget and, whilst this site does have a number of unique and beneficial features, you may want to consider whether or not you feel the price difference is worth the benefits. 

This is a professional and well designed system which goes beyond mere press releases and integrates itself into your business to help develop and monitor your success in order to improve on it. The service is excellent but the price does exclude a lot of users, which has benefits (a more exclusive list of clients stops your sources from being flooded with unwanted press releases and therefore gains yours more focus) and negatives (well, it’s a lot of money!). But the cost depends on what you’re after so, if you think this is the site for you, then why not give the free software trial a go and find out for sure! If you like the sound of Vocus, but are looking for a few extra features, you could try PRWeb.com, a service of Vocus that is almost certainly the best in its field.

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