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If you’re brand new to press releases or you’ve written and distributed them 1000 times before, there’s always more you could learn. PRWeb.com offers an affordable and devoted global press release service (with a special focus on UK markets), with a number of additional services to help you improve your press releases and attain greater visibility online.

Let’s imagine it’s your first time writing and distributing a press release. How do you even begin? This site offers guidance in various forms including a devoted “learning” section which contains tips and resources such as articles, white papers, an archive of Webinars and an FAQ. You can learn good practice and writing skills by reading these vital skills in the field of press releases: if you want to appear professional then you need to follow professional guidelines and layouts, avoiding clumsy and amateur-esque mistakes such as typing errors or dead web links.

These lessons go beyond press releasing, even guiding you in important areas such as how to create an online presence for a business or how to go about promoting new information online. You can even watch videos on topics that you’re interested in learning about, and there is a search function which makes finding relevant topics much less painful. You can download templates for press releases to assist you in producing a specialized-looking press release, or if you’re still stuck, you can pay for the services of a specialist editor who can check what you’ve written or write a press release for you. The prices for these final provisions are quite reasonable, especially compared with some other sites offering similar services.

So, you’ve read up on press releases, written the text. What else can this site offer? Using PRWeb you can make your press release sing (quite literally if you own a microphone) by uploading files from your computer. You might want to insert a promotional video, a piece of music or simply a company logo. A number of releases also include a PDF version of the press release, should others want to archive it or distribute it via email. Once it’s complete you can upload it to the system and it will soon be distributed to an audience, depending on the package you paid for.

  A distribution network of more than a quarter of a million PRWeb news subscribers and over 30,000 writers, journalists and bloggers.  

Like a number of other press release sites, PRWeb.com offers a selection of packages to suit your needs and budget. They are all reasonably priced, though it’s not surprising that the Advanced package is most popular as this service makes sure that your news is featured more on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This package also means that your press release is sent to all major online news sites.

PRWeb.com utilises a distribution network of more than a quarter of a million PRWeb news subscribers and over 30,000 writers, journalists and bloggers, greatly increasing the likelihood of your press release being read and shared over the internet. With a “share this” feature your readers are also able to click a button that will share your press release with others on a number of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are benefits to each package and it’s worth reading about each of them before deciding which one is the right one for your needs. Is that the end of the road, then? Well, no. Once you have put your press release into the world it gets shared among individuals, companies and internet sites, bringing in new readers and interested bodies for some time to come. Your press releases are also stored on the PRWeb.com server so you’ll never lose them should you wish to revisit them in the future.

The site is easy to navigate and you shouldn’t have too many problems in finding what you need. It’s also not too heavy on text, which is a relief at times because so many press release sites seem to comprise almost exclusively of black text, which makes for an uninspiring experience. Links are logically positioned and the sign up process is incredibly easy (it takes about thirty seconds). A more in depth profile can be created if you choose, after the initial registration.

PRWeb.com take the number one spot because it excells in all of the key facets of Press Release Services. It offers a strong distribution network for your press release, greatly enhanced by its learning centre, which really can offer useful advice. Its templates and Webinars could prove invaluable, particularly to fledgling businesses. Its releases are some of the best available and its pricing is very reasonable, certainly one of the best value that we’ve seen given the services on offer. If you would like your press releases to make especially large waves in America and the United Kingdom, PRWeb.com is hard to beat; with offices in the USA and UK it can draw on a wealth of local experience and work with you on the same time-zone.

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