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If you’re looking for free press release distribution in the UK then PRFire.com might just be the site for you. Its simple system allows you to write and upload a press release, which will be monitored by their staff to check if it is of a particular standard and ilk, and have it distributed through their system. There are also plenty of other options if you do have a budget to spend and want a few extras. Some of the key features worth exploring are based around support for businesses who don’t have much PR experience. You can pay to hold web meetings or have telephone conversations with specialists who are able to train you or your staff. If writing press releases isn’t your forte then PRFire also offer a Time Saver service whereby they will write a professional press release for you. A more in depth press release can also be bought and the service offered includes interviews with some of your staff to help get a better idea of how to market your information. These services are reasonably priced and act as a good way to help you out in potentially weak areas.

Since this is a UK-focused distribution service it isn’t suitable for everyone. International press release sites are more appropriate for the USA or Asia, and, if you’re only interested in offline distributions, then this site isn’t necessarily the best choice for you. A positive element of using the site is that you are quickly able to monitor and view recent press releases within chosen areas. This helps you to maintain a close eye on current events which might affect your own affairs and to construct a portfolio of key issues that have occurred. This system also provides a useful means of building up a list of contacts and specialists in any particular field. Your own press release will also feature in this feed and you can upload photos and videos to help encourage others to engage with it.

Overall PRFire.com offers a wide and intrinsic range of services for a variety of needs and budgets. In particular its writing, editing and training services might be of interest to people who feel slightly unsure about the ins and outs of press releases. If you’re going to write and distribute a press release, then you’ll want it to seem as professional as possible as small mistakes such as typos can make a lot of difference when you’re trying to present a professional demeanour. This site is intended for press releases which aim to be distributed exclusively in the UK, though, so it isn’t ideal for every situation and you may need to look elsewhere for a more globally-focused distribution service. Its prices are generally very reasonable, but not always ‘cheap’ and the free press release option is a pleasant addition, particularly if you have little or no budget available. This could be a site worth checking for a range of individuals and businesses who are looking into expanding their marketing campaigns but don’t want to spend all their money in the process.

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