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Free-Press-Release.com is a press release and App News service site that offers  a small variety of payment options to help their press release reach a wider audience. On first inspection the site appears to have a “magazine” feel, with its categories lining the top of the page in a banner of quick links which include genres such as “automotive”, “home and family”, “lifestyle” and “movies”. It’s covering a lot of ground then, but does it do a decent job at getting your press release distributed to a wide and interested audience? Well that may depend on which package you choose...

There are 4 packages to choose from on this site: Free, Premier, Customized or Advanced. The key differences between the paid packages are the amount of exposure your press release will gain and the amount of advertising that will appear on it. A free press release will include adverts and also a list of other releases at the bottom which are relevant to your own. Essentially your press release acts as a communications tool for other companies. For $1 you can produce a Premier release, which will get you more exposure but has similar advertising issues. Then comes a more substantial jump in price: for $30 you may produce a customized press release  without adverts or links to other releases, and you also gain greater exposure. It’s a big price increase from the free or $1 options, but potentially offers a more professional, more focused release. For those who are interested in tracking news relevant to their releases there is an Advanced upgrade, but for an extra $369 you may want to consider whether or not it’s worth the extra cost.

Sign up is quick and unobtrusive on Free Press Release, requiring a few basic details and that you click on a registration link in your email inbox once the process is complete. You can also sign in using Facebook, which is even quicker, and there’s no need to worry about your activities appearing on your Facebook wall if you don’t want them to, Free-Press-Release.com will not post any information without your permission. Navigating the site is simple as key categories are listed along the top of each page (including video and exclusive news links), with press release and app news submission options along the left hand side of the screen. The site’s support centre offers answers to a host of questions. The answers go into a lot of detail but are still accessible to the layman.  You can also contact their help team through an onsite email system.

Free-Press-Release.com offers a comprehensive service at rock bottom prices if you’re willing to put up with advertising on your press releases. If not then the $30 package is a good option, though we do find it difficult to see the value in its Advanced package given that it’s such a large increase in cost for no direct substantial benefits to your press releases. More services could be on offer to help develop a support system for new or emerging businesses who need advice or editing facilities but overall this site offers very good value for money, particularly when it has a credit sale and offers you more credit for your dollar than you’d normally receive.

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