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eReleases Review

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eReleases.com attempts to set itself apart from the crowd of free or ‘cheap’ press release sites by asserting that those sites simply don’t work. Well there may be some truth to this for a number of people, but how are we to know that this site can offer a better service? What they do differently is to focus your press releases rather than simply to put them out into the world without a map and compass. Their theory is that if you want a focused press release which is going to hit the desks of particular journalists, bloggers and other individuals then the ‘free’ sites aren’t necessarily the way forward as many of them simply send out press releases en masse, with no targeted reader in mind.

A focused  distribution means that journalists, writers and bloggers who receive your press releases have opted to do so and, rather than be flooded with press releases from every category, they are interested in the area you are dealing in. This raises the likelihood that they will actually take the time to read your press release and therefore it isn’t simply a wasted effort. eReleases.com also has “a relationship with the largest and most-respected newswire” which means that its distribution is not limited in numbers, either. With over 100,000 opt-in journalists you’re likely to find a few who take an interest in your release and spread the good work.

You may choose from a variety of packages depending on your needs and budget, and ereleases.com also offers a press release writing service should you be a little uncertain on the best way to write one. Their turn around is pretty quick, too, as they guarantee that it will be professionally written and edited in under a week. There are few other features to speak of, other than a comprehensive and very useful list of articles on how press releases work and why you ought to use them, though one or two do seem to be more to coerce you into using their system than being genuinely selfless and useful.

The FAQ section is handy and you can also contact the site staff via telephone, post or email.  A few video guides are slotted around the site, which can be a welcoming sight if you want to hear someone talking about it rather than reading it for yourself. Again though, some of these are more like adverts for Ereleases.com rather than informative titbits.

eReleases offers a good service for a fair price. Its logic of focusing press releases on to relevant audiences makes sense and means that your press release is more likely to land in front of an interested party, rather than being disregarded. We’d appreciate a bit less of the “look how wonderful we are” blurb through the site, but can appreciate that it’s a “press release site eat press release site” world out there. If you want to reach the desks of individuals who will take the time to consider your press release and spread the word then this could be the site for you.

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