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Welcome to PressReleasePoint.com, a free service for producing and distributing press releases online and in print. On first inspection this might seem a chaotic site full of tool bars and masses of text, but there is some logic to its layout as PressReleasePoint is an international service with a supposed technology focus that tries to display its press releases in a variety of useful ways.

What is most noticeable on this site is the range of countries that it corresponds with. Choose from the US, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, Ireland, Singapore and more! Accessing a country’s unique page shows you the most recent press releases from that country, which is a good way of monitoring trends across continents or picking out particular market movements at any given time across the globe. Similarly, users can browse through recent releases based on the “news type” (Event, Corporate, Customer, Employee, Investor, M&A, Partnership and Product News) they are most interested in. There is a hypothetical technology focus on PressReleasePoint.com though the page merely consists of a rambled list of key words. Clicking on these key words takes you to relevant press releases based on that word, though the link to technology seemed absent to us.

Bizarrely you may only access some of the paid services if you are “invited” to register as a user. Not being a user greatly restricts your access to a variety of information on this site. We assume that this method prevents spam on the site but the information is lacking to suggest how one becomes “invited” in the first place. You can request a new user account but the process involves a certain amount of information regarding your company. Gaining access to the information on prices and sign up procedures can be achieved through emailing Press Release Point but it seems an unnecessarily complex system simply to sign up. It’s a sad and strange situation because the help section of the site is (in part) excellent, with a number of useful videos and clips to guide you through a variety of questions and points of concern.

PressReleasePoint.com is a potentially useful website for writing and distributing press releases to an international market for free. However it is terribly hindered by an unnecessarily complex sign-up process and an unwillingness to share its paid service prices. The site is too busy with text and drop down boxes to make it anywhere near efficient, and some of its sections just seem abandoned or incomplete. Find your way through the maze of barriers and this could be a site worth using!

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