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PRZoom.com is a press release distributions service which is strictly for business news. It offers a range of services including basic press releases, premium articles (which allow you to link a logo or banner and to view traffic statistics for your website) or site launch boosts (which provide a logo and banner option for optimal traffic boosts). The range of services and prices is particularly useful because it provides a selection of options depending on the needs of your business. A start-up will often have difficulty getting known amidst the mass of similar businesses being advertised but przoom.com can help to make the transition from “unknown” to “known” much more efficient. If you choose to submit a free press release then these are ad-supported and any affiliates of PR Zoom will have some form of advert on your release. This isn’t ideal as it can confuse potential customers as to the origins of the release, especially because you cannot upload your own logo or article in these free press releases. That said, a free service is certainly a positive when money is tight.

The key issues that are holding PRZoom.com back revolve around the site’s construction. It’s a sloppy sight of awkwardly-positioned banners and pieces of information. The top bar consists of various links to its important pages, which works well enough, but knowing where to look isn’t always obvious. Signing up is a hassle too as przoom won’t let you register without a company/corporate email address (no free email service addresses or blog sites are allowed). Although this prevents spam (an added bonus given the amount of articles the site contains), it is an annoying blockade for anyone who runs their business through a free email service address and can instantly put your attempts in the trash bin. Customer assistance seems secondary on przoom as there is no FAQ, though you can send an email message to request assistance. PR Zoom also isn’t the cheapest option available and we might expect more for the money they are asking. If you’re thinking of using PR Zoom then it is worth considering whether or not you want a banner/logo, and if not then are you willing to use a free service and have advertising appear on your press releases?

Once you’ve worked out how to sign up and post a press release then PRZoom.com might be a site worth using, particularly for a start-up company who wants to gain more traffic and visibility in the short term.

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