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24-7 Press Release Review

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24-7PressRelease.com is a comprehensive press release service which offers both free and paid services. There is more of a focus on news releases than releases that focus primarily on advertising, though both are accepted. A free press release is possible though the site does indicate that these are limited to one a day (which is fine for most companies or individuals), that they receive limited distribution and that there is no guarantee they will be posted (please check the site guidelines for more details). If you’re interested in some serious press distribution then the paid options are more likely to be what you’re after.

There are four key packages to choose from, each with a variety of services which – of course – get better as the price goes up. The “online visibility” package provides greater online distribution and also allows you to add text links and formatting, files, logos and images to your press release. This allows you to essentially produce something a bit more unique and therefore more likely to catch the eye of prowling internet users. The next stage up, “SEO Professional” focuses even more intensely on online awareness by improving the rankings your press release will receive on search engine results. There is also a greater emphasis on distribution as your release will be sent out to news partners and networks. A potential customer-catching feature of this package is that you can also include videos in your press release, which is certainly a draw for some. Subsequent packages are directed at improving distribution, with the best of them distributing your press release to over 5,000 websites, 5,000 magazines and 2,500 magazines, as well as the usual online routes. If exposure is what you’re after then these are great options.

Sadly there is room for improvement on 24-7 Press Release. It can feel a little lonely on the site if you’re unsure of what to do, with no FAQ and a well hidden help system. There’s not much assistance over the site either and it’s definitely an area they need to think about improving on.  Registering isn’t a quick process either, though it’s certainly not the worst system available.  Navigating the site is generally fine (there are quick tabs to the key areas at the top of each page) though it does suffer from a lot of text, particularly on the home page. The quality of the press releases is very good, particularly if you choose to include logos, pictures and videos, though the layout and font could use a few more options so that you get the look you desire. It’s all part of your brand after all! Prices are reasonable and competitive to the market, in particular the SEO & Media Exposure does a good job in getting your message out for a relatively low price and there are cheaper options (even free options) if your purse strings can’t quite stretch that far.

24-7 Press Release does a good job in many ways. It’s let down by its mysteriously invisible  customer service and a quicker registration process would be handy, but overall this site offers a good distribution service which is bound to get your press release noticed.

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