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BigNews.biz is a well organised, well conceived free press release and news distribution service with a healthy number of clients and an experienced set of staff. You might be surprised at how easy the site is to use after the initial bland mass of text on its homepage. Creating your press release is very simple: just sign up (this takes just a couple of minutes and is unobtrusive) and then follow a few easy instructions and tick a few boxes. Ease of use is key to this site, then, but that isn’t everything...

How useful will Big News be to you? Well this depends on what you want to achieve. Its categories do tend to read like a glossy magazine, with “sports” and “entertainment” featuring quite highly. But there are also “sub categories” which include meatier topics such as business, science and politics. This alludes to a certain degree of focus in its distribution of press releases, meaning that individuals or companies who are interested in one particular area can easily search that category without having to sift through thousands of irrelevant topics. As a user you can follow news as it unravels on the PR blog or sign up for alerts based on the main areas you are interested in. Events are also listed for users to browse or search through, which is an interesting touch that many other sites lack.

When you are creating a press release you are guided through a system to decide on the most appropriate category and any keywords which might help others find the release. You may also upload an imagine of up to 50kb and a web URL if you have a site. Combined with the ability to create events and mailing lists, this makes BigNews.biz a better service than many other free press release sites that are available because it doesn’t just offer the most basic options. This site is also a world news distributor, which means that your press release might reach audiences outside of your own area of commerce and open up new avenues for growth.

Members are able to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to a mailing list, which means they don’t necessarily need to log in to the site to stay in the loop. They are also able to read the most viewed articles easily without the need to perform advanced searches.

To conclude, BigNews.biz is a considered and well thought out press release services site that puts ease of use at the forefront of its service. Its press release distribution is free and seems to have a decently-sized audience, though the popularity of its categories does suggest that the site might be aimed more towards the entertainment sector than more business-minded clientele. The quality of its press releases is also quite high for a free site, though they do lack in some areas and offer little in the way of support. This is definitely a press release and distribution site to check out for those of you on a strict budget.

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