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Online PR News Review

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We have awarded Online PR News our prestigious Bronze Award in this category, having reviewed 20 Press Release Services. Read our review below to find out why...

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OnlinePRNews.com offers a host of services which each allow you to produce high quality press releases with varying levels of distribution. The site is clear about the benefits of each, allowing you to compare distribution levels at the click of a button and to view the features available under each package with ease. Information is readily available throughout the site, with hyper-links which take you onto separate pages for more information on particular features, a well organised FAQ which includes video guidance (although the FAQ would benefit greatly from a search feature) and the ability to contact the help team directly. Price is often an important factor when considering how to distribute a press release and OnlinePRNews.com seems to have it sussed out...

If you choose the free press release service you are limited to one submission per day, though most will find this caters for their needs. The releases are fairly basic but cover all the necessary details and even allow you to include a live URL in the Media Contact Area. For $22 you get a much greater service which allows you to modify your release to include an IFrame of your website, an image or logo, social network sharing buttons (so clients can quickly share your release with others). The paid services also have the benefit of not including advertising, which allows press releases to remain independent and to seem more professionally produced. Paying up to $79 will allow you to include videos and slide shows (the slide shows being quite a unique feature) and you also gain access to an interactive report, as well as full page syndications (40 guaranteed). This really helps you to monitor the activity of your release and various other releases in your fields of interest. Search engine visibility is also given a makeover and your release will feature more frequently, and more prominently in internet searches. The top notch service allows for more syndications and an editing service, but its primary function is its massive distributions, which focus on all realms from print to online media, trade and industry. Included in this package is a ReleaseWatch report and a submission to thousands of key websites, allowing you to be up to date and involved in current relevant news trends. Compared to a number of other press release sites you get a lot more for your money through this Maximum Media Visibility package, for approximately the same cost.

Signing up is simple and the customer support available is of a very high standard. This is often a place where other sites fall short, so it’s good to see that you’re taken care of. In particular the video guides are a great help because it means you don’t have to meticulously follow written instructions to get the job done. There aren’t a lot of extra features worth speaking about, though the news widgets, guidelines and blog can offer some useful insights. Testimonials from happy customers are also a good way to see how OnlinePRNews might best serve you.  

This is a great press release site with some innovative package features (though few other notable features). If you’re interested in producing a superior quality of press release at a reasonable price for great distribution then you can’t go far wrong with Online PR News.

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