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PR Leap Review

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PRLeap.com is an affordable and efficient service which offers its users a variety of packages to submit press releases. In particular the ability to include up to 5 videos and images in your press release makes for a stand-out feature which is bound to attract more attention to your release. Visibility is a major issue with PRLeap.com and they have allowed you to increase your chances of attracting a readership through formatting the content of your release. In particular you are able to anchor text, highlight key words and offer information in bulleted lists. All of this means that readers can quickly scan through a release and get a good idea of its contents, perhaps choosing to look at it in more detail thereafter. You can also schedule your releases so that they come out the next day, in a week’s time or a year from now, which means you can make sure your release receives a constant stream of viewers and doesn’t simply fade away after a couple of days.

PRLeap claim to offer “real customer service” and, whilst this is true of their enquiries department (you can contact them through an online message box), we would have like to have seen an FAQ as most questions could have been answered through this system in an instant. Customer numbers on this site are respectable at over 30,000, though they could be better. However, due to the quality of the press releases and its various analytic tools, PRLeap.com might gain you a higher level of media exposure than other press release websites. The analytic tools can be very useful as a means of checking whether or not your press release is doing the job you hoped and therefore inform any decisions you make about your future press releases.

In terms of cost, this site is quite unique because it allows you to “rollover” your unused releases. If you take out a “5 press releases per month” package, for example, but only use 3 of them then you won’t lose the remaining 2. Additional releases can also be bought at a discounted rate, which seems a fair and considered option as many companies may not know precisely how many releases they might want to make at the point of signing up. The prepaid plans are also a good idea for anyone who has an approximate idea of how many releases they might make in a year as they can be used at any time during your contract period.

Given the potential to include videos and photos in a press release, and the rolling payment plans, PRLeap.com offers a few interesting options and its media options mean that, despite its average customer base, your press release may well receive higher readership than elsewhere. It’s a good option for anyone who knows they’ll likely want to make a few press releases, but who isn’t exactly sure how many or how often.

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