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There’s plenty more to public relations than simply press releases and MarketWire.com is a site with its fingers in a lot of PR pies. From distribution to tracking and monitoring, new rooms, blogs, case studies and media monitoring, social media and search engine optimisation, MarketWire aims to provide a set of tools to allow you to write, release and keep track of press releases in a world of PR overload. In particular it seems interested in offering services that help you to follow the progress of your public relations initiatives as a means to help better identify their strengths and weaknesses to further improve your service. But what about the more simple task of distributing a press release?

Well the major drawback of this site is that, before you can do anything remotely practical, you have to go through a series of questionnaires to even sign up and find out how much it’s going to cost you. This does make things seem tailored to your individual needs but it’s a tiresome and lengthy process that is likely to put you off way before you even start typing out your precious press release. There are a bounty of features which are useful to monitor how your PR campaigns might be going, but if you can’t even get past the first barrier or writing a release, then they all become somewhat useless. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re a dedicated marketer, dedicated to filling out the forms and providing your personal details. What then? Well the press releases that seem to be of some priority on Market Wire are hardly groundbreaking. There’s nothing “wrong” with them necessarily but given the fact that you’re paying for the benefit of this service, you might expect something that would stand out from the crowd.  

The media distribution networks, combined with the monitoring services available, do offer a useful skills set and a learning curve in public relations for the site’s users that could be invaluable in the long run. There are definite benefits on the peripheries of press releasing here but equally there are a lot of distractions. For users who are just interested in writing a decent release to catch media attention, this may not be the most ideal site. If you’re looking for a personalised service which will assist you in evaluating your media perception then MarketWire.com has some interesting benefits on offer.

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